tagDiv Opt-In Builder

tagDiv Opt-In Builder

Version 1.3.3
Release date: October 19th, 2022

Release notes:

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3.3

  • fix: Security Update - Removed the Facebook login for security concerns.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3.2

  • new: Coupon system
  • new: Page account: added the ability to replace the dashboard page with a custom one;
  • new: 5 Custom pages options for the Menu login shortcode;
  • new: 5 Custom pages options for the Page account shortcode;
  • new: Option to set an Email list on each plan - useful if you want to get all emails in a list of members subscribed to a plan;
  • new: Your profile account can be edited via a custom form page with additional fields;
  • new: Lockers on CPT & Page;
  • new: Leads shortcode has Double Opt-in option;
  • new: Enable/disable TDS lockers for post types option in the theme panel;
  • new: Cancel Subscription option;
  • new: Added the possibility to redirect to a custom URL on the checkout page;
  • new: Option to hide Rows, Inner Rows, Columns, and Inner Columns based on an active subscription or an active subscription of post type author;
  • new: WPML support for subscription Pages;
  • improvement: Stripe payment > billing details full name & email;
  • fix: Currency space;
  • fix: Some translations were missing;
  • fix: Utf-8 collation Opt-in builder;
  • fix: Hide wp_admin bar just for subscribers on WP multisite;
  • fix: Issue if it is a free plan, but the price is set up.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3.1 - Download

  • new: Opt-In Builder - Menu Login - Added the option to disable the dropdown menu;
  • new: Google ReCaptcha also applies on Subscription Login/Register;
  • fix: Locker on standard blog page;
  • fix: CSS fix for Checkout shortcode.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.3 - Download

  • new: Added Stripe Payment support;
  • fix: Remove unsubscribed email from a membership list - only for subscribers created starting with this version of the plugin
  • fix: Fixed an issue with the Page Account shortcode.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.2.1 - Download

  • new: Added a new shortcode to allow users to unsubscribe from all mailing lists - Leads Unsubscribe Button;
  • new: Email locker support with caching plugins. Option available in Opt-In Builder → Subscriptions → Settings
  • improvement: Display the Unsubscribe button. It becomes available if a user has already subscribed to a list;
  • improvement: Option to show locked posts for admins/editors/authors & contributors;
  • fix: Calendar next/prev icons not displaying properly;
  • fix: Payment redirect;
  • fix: Redirect user with subscriptions on the subscription flow;

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.2 - Download

  • new: Frontend translations support with .po/.mo or directly from Theme Panel → Translations;
  • new: Options to change currency, position, and separators from Opt-In Builder → Subscriptions → Settings;
  • new: Option to edit an active subscription with a new price (Next price). This is very useful if you want to increase/decrease an active subscription price;
  • new: Options in the tagDiv Composer to design and style the Page account shortcode;
  • new: Options in the tagDiv Composer to design and style the Page checkout shortcode;
  • new: Options in the tagDiv Composer to design and style the Page login/register shortcode;
  • new: Display the number of existing subscriptions and assigned lockers on Plans;
  • new: Settings to change date format;
  • fix: wp-admin bar appears on subscribers;
  • fix: Incorrect trial date view.

tagDiv Opt-In Builder - Version: 1.1 - Download

  • new: Subscription functionality for tagDiv Opt-in Builder lockers;
  • new: New subscriptions settings: dashboard, account, payments, plans, pages, subscriptions;
  • new: 8 new shortcodes for tagDiv Opt-in Builder ready to use with tagDiv Composer:
  • Menu Login
  • Checkout
  • Plans button
  • Plans price
  • Plans text switcher
  • Plans switcher
  • My account
  • Login/Register
  • new: 2 new shortcodes for tagDiv Opt-in Builder ready to use in Gutenberg editor:
  • tagDiv Section Locker;
  • tagDiv Partial Locker;
  • new: Bank and PayPal payment options:
  • new: Free and annually/monthly plans, with or without Trial:
  • new: Link tracker;

It's great! We were looking for something super-customizable, solid, magazine-like theme, and Newspaper theme had all the features we needed.

Alex Maltsev


I found the theme to be modern, easy to use and highly customisable.

Manoj Khatri

Founder at Complete Wellbeing

The most professional template with excellent support and great features. I appreciate the fast loading, clean design, and responsiveness. Thank you for that!

James McNally

Owner at Livinator