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How To Find & Cancel Pending Instagram Requests

This step-by-step guide will show you how to find and cancel all those pending Instagram requests that people have ignored.



how to find and cancel pending instagram requests

Accidentally sending a follow request to the wrong person on Instagram can be a potentially embarrassing mistake. As these mistakes rack up over time, you could eventually find yourself with dozens of unapproved follow requests. The good news is that the popular photo and video-sharing social networking service allows you to cancel pending follow requests as long as you meet one obvious condition: The person you’ve sent the request to has not accepted or declined it yet.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible (at least not yet!) to remove pending Instagram requests using the Instagram mobile app, but even if you rarely use Instagram in your web browser, you won’t have any problem finding and cancelling pending follow requests thanks to our step-by-step guide.

How To Find Pending Instagram Requests

Step 1: Open Instagram In Your Web Browser

The first thing you need to do, is access Instagram’s web interface. You can do this by going to in any web browser either on your computer or mobile device, however doing this on your computer will be much faster and more convenient.

Step 2: Log In To Your Instagram Account

Instagram Login Page

It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for Instagram to load and greet you with a login screen. Enter your username, phone number, or email address, along with your password to login. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account to login. If you can’t remember your Instagram password (which happens quite often), just click on “Forgot password?” to reset it.

Step 3: Open The Settings Menu

Instagram Account Page

Now that you’re in your account, you need to go to the settings menu. To open the settings menu, you need to go to your profile page by clicking on your Instagram account name or picture. Then, click the settings gear icon next to the “Edit Profile” button.

Step 4: Open Privacy & Security Settings

Instagram Settings Popup

With the Settings menu open, you need to select the fifth option from the top, called “Privacy and Security“, to bring up the privacy and security settings page.

Step 5: View Account Data

Instagram Settings Page

Look near the bottom of the privacy and security settings page for a section called “Account Data“. Click the “View Account Data” link.

Step 6: Display Your Pending Instagram Requests

View Pending Instagram Requests Page

To display your pending Instagram requests, all you need to do is click “View All” under “Current follow requests“. If you don’t have any pending follow requests, you will see the following message:

Pending Instagram Requests Page

Pro Tip: You can also visit the “Current follow requests” page directly by entering the following URL in your web browser after you’ve logged into your Instagram account:

How To Cancel Sent Instagram Requests

Now that you can see all the accounts you’ve requested to follow, it’s time to cancel them.

For some reason, Instagram doesn’t let its users remove pending follow requests from the same page where it lists them (although that would be a very useful feature). To cancel a sent request, you need to visit the profile page of the account you’ve sent the request to.

Simply copy/paste the account names in your Instagram search and unfollow them. This process might take some time, depending on how many follow requests you’ve sent out.

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As you can see, finding and cancelling Instagram follow requests isn’t complicated – you just need to know where to look. If you found this guide useful, let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram!


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Social Media

How To Lock Your Facebook Profile (From Mobile & Desktop)



how to lock your facebook profile on mobile and desktop

Facebook has received a lot of criticism in recent years for its lackluster approach to user privacy. Hoping to improve its image, the social media powerhouse has been experimenting with a whole host of new privacy features, and one of them is an option that allows users to lock their profiles and show only limited information to people they are not friends with on Facebook.

Note: This feature is not yet available across all regions. If you’re unable to lock your Facebook profile after following our step-by-step instructions, then you most likely aren’t doing anything wrong.

How To Lock Your Facebook Profile Via Mobile App

Here’s what you need to do to lock your Facebook profile using the mobile version of the Facebook app:

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap your Facebook profile icon (located left to the “What’s on your mind?” input bar).
  3. Tap the three horizontal dots (located right to the “Add to Story” button).
  4. Tap the Lock Profile option.
  5. Read the information about how the profile lock feature works and confirm your decision to lock your profile.

At the moment, only Android users can lock their Facebook profiles via the Facebook app. If you’re an iOS user and don’t have access to an Android smartphone, you can follow the instructions below to learn how to lock your profile from any web browser.

How To Lock Your Facebook Profile Via Desktop

While there’s no way to currently lock a Facebook profile from the regular desktop version of the social media site, there’s nothing stopping you from accessing the mobile version of Facebook using any major web browser and locking your profile that way:

  1. Go to (the “m” at the beginning of the URL will take you to the mobile version of the site).
  2. Click your Facebook profile icon (located left to the “What’s on your mind?” input bar).
  3. Click the three horizontal dots (located right to the “Edit Profile” button).
  4. Select the Lock Profile option.
  5. Read the information about how the profile lock feature works and confirm your decision to lock your profile.

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To unlock your Facebook profile, simply go through the steps again but select the unlock option after you click the three horizontal dots.

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