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That moment of the year you’ve waited for is here! We are so excited to introduce to you the latest, significantly improved version of Newspaper Theme. Say Hello to Newspaper X! The major changes that this update brings to your website are performance and stunning usability. Newspaper 10 brings you two different ways to use Newspaper Theme on your website, new designs to complement the WordPress Gutenberg, WooComerce shortcodes, a new stunning look for tagDiv Composer page builder and many other goodies to try and enjoy. Keep scrolling to explore all the new features of the Newspaper Theme 10!

So, what’s new in Newspaper 10

An entirely new experience with Gutenberg blocks

Are you still using a classic editor plugin to make Gutenberg friendly? It’s time to forget about it. Newspaper Theme brings you new options and styles for the Gutenberg blocks. Creating content with the new, enhanced editor is a real pleasure. Experiment with your content! It’s easy and fun!

Blazing-Fast Websites

We’ve been working on the idea of making the Newspaper Theme light and fast for a long time. We're now delighted to give you an excellent way to build a website that is optimized for fast loading speed out-of-the-box.

Newspaper Theme Update 10 - Fast WordPress Websites
Newspaper Theme - Speed Tests

For the first time in a WordPress theme, you have the freedom to choose how much code your website is loading and create a site optimized for performance straight from the beginning. To give you this power, we are introducing a new premium plugin in the Newspaper theme called Standard Pack.

Standard Pack is available to you for free and integrates a whole set of pre-built elements and sections into the theme. When activated, the Standard Pack gives you all the goodies that make you love Newspaper Theme. When you deactivate it, things are starting to get interesting, and your website tends to speed up by itself. 😛

Newspaper Default Demo is now PRO

In the Newspaper theme 9.8 update, we’ve introduced for the first time the beautiful and lightweight PRO Demos. This was the first step for a faster website. Now, our designers recreated the popular Newspaper Default Demo us a PRO Demo. When you import this design, it transforms your website in a blick of an eye. But that’s not the best part. With PRO demos, you can customize everything on the frontend with tagDiv Composer frontend page builder and still keep your website light and fast.

Discover the new blending touch

Add magic to your images without reaching to a picture editing software like Photoshop. Astounding image effects and blend modes are now available on tagDiv Composer blocks to help you get the most daring visual impact with your pages.

Hooray! SVG logos on WordPress

Loading your Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Logo image to WordPress is no longer a dream. With Newspaper Theme, you can add it to your header to get the best quality logo and performance for your website. Open the Header Builder and make this dream come true today!

Woo! is from the WooCommerce shortcode

Enjoy the easy way to create an eCommerce website. You have 7 new shortcodes you can use to showcase and filter your products. Add the legendary flexibility of the Newspaper theme, and building an eCommerce website becomes a pure joy!

New UI design for tagDiv Composer

We’ve considered the experience you have while you’re using the best page builder, tagDiv Composer. We took it back to the drawing board and redesigned the whole experience so you can build your website faster and be more efficient. From changing typography and restyling buttons, all the way to adding new navigation to the tagDiv Cloud Library, and the header builder, we spared no effort. You deserve the best frontpage builder, and we know you’ll love the new tagDiv Composer frontend page builder 🙂

Newspaper Theme Update 10 - New UI for tagDiv Composer

Find the red dot

This is not a new game or a remake of the joke. It's a new feature built into the tagDiv Composer blocks. We included a search function on each shortcode to help you find a specific option faster, way easier. Search for the settings and follow the red dot that shows you where you should edit. Yes! It feels like a game. However, the reward is you being more efficient!

12 Free PRO Demos

Discover 12 Pro Demos and build your beautiful WordPress site in minutes! Try the perfect combination of lightweight architecture, enhanced performance, and stunning flexibility as all the templates are now fully customizable. Jump-start your project today!


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Life News

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Fitness Blog

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La Mode

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Animal News

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Travel Memories

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Art Magazine

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Romania News

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Video News

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Tech News

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How secure is secure on Instagram?

Bring all your beautiful images from Instagram on your website. Newspaper Theme automatically imports the feeds from Instagram API with an access token. You can safely create access for the Newspaper Theme to flawlessly integrate with your Instagram account.

Newspaper Theme Update 10 - Instagram

Your satisfaction is our main priority

Newspaper is one of the top themes currently available on the WordPress platform, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Wesley Dunn

Owner at Costas Online

I've had a great experience with the theme. It has made my passion as a travel blogger come true with ease. Thanks!

Tenaya Taylor

Owner at Cultured Black Eyed Pearl

Newspaper is a complete out-of-the-box WordPress theme, and also gives you the ability to fine-tune your website if you need it.

Maikel van Wijk

Owner at Hip&Hot

As always, our updates are FREE for clients. Enjoy!

Not a customer yet? Start today, and you'll understand why so many awesome people love Newspaper Theme.

Full list of additions

  • new: Styles and Features on Gutenberg blocks
  • new: Standard Pack plugin - The premium plugin is available to you for free
  • new: 2 New PRO Demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library
  • new: Newspaper Default - PRO Demo
  • new: Secure Instagram feeds with access token
  • new: Image effects and blend modes on blocks
  • new: 7 WooCommerce shortcodes
  • new: Header logo with SVG support
  • new: tagDiv Composer search settings on blocks
  • new: Enhanced UI design for the tagDiv Composer page builder
  • misc: Login modal window loads without the panel option
  • misc: More inline ads on the Single Post Content shortcode
  • misc: Translation integration for the Cloud Library templates (WPML)
  • misc: Option to disable the schema.org markup
  • misc: Option to display additional text before the date
  • misc: Compressed style selectors for the shortcodes
  • misc: Recently used colors added to gradient controllers
  • misc: Video and Audio icon size option
  • fix: Canonical links on mobile and AMP
  • fix: The Header template at install demo
  • fix: Issue while saving the header template
  • fix: Duplicate the header template
  • fix: tagDiv Composer option to disable theLazyLoad effect
  • fix: AMP on the WooCommerce templates
  • fix: Tech Pro & Video Pro demos fixes
  • fix: Page Megamenu
  • fix: Translation on the mobile theme
  • fix: No content for the install demos
  • fix: schema.org/Review markup error
  • fix: Various fixes