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We are so excited to have you discover the new features & tools created in the Newspaper Theme to enhance your website. The changes Newspaper 10.3 brings to your website are a new footer builder and manager, 10 new stunning demo designs, over 1000+ pre-built elements ready to import with a single click, a new Google Fonts System and many other features & tools that significantly improve the way you build your website. Scroll down to explore all the unique features of Newspaper Theme 10.3!

So, what’s new in Newspaper 10.3

Over 1000+ Pre-defined Layouts

Completely redesign a page in less than 5 seconds. Access the tagDiv Cloud Library and create your site easily with this massive collection of wonderful layouts. Over 1000+ ready-to-use one-click elements and templates are waiting for you.

Activate the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin in the Newspaper Theme and you’ll get access to a unique collection of pages, layouts, templates, sections, and elements. Crafted with love, everything is built by our designers for you to use as you like.

Significantly reduce the time you spend designing your website so that you get more time for creating wonderful & engaging content. Click. Import. Customize. Shape. Go live. Yes! Web designing with Newspaper Theme is that fast!

Footers! Build to Stun

No excuses to have less than wonderful footers. In Newspaper Theme 10.3 we’re introducing the Footer Builder, an easy to use way to create and assign footers exactly where you need them. Now, you can design a footer with tagDiv Composer right on the frontend of your website and give your visitors reasons to stay and enjoy your content longer.

We’ve made tremendous efforts to help you bring the footer section to life. Our designers crafted over 52+ footer templates that are ready to use with one click from the tagDiv Cloud Library!

Powerful Website Manager

We’re delighted to bring the builders together for you in a single interface. Under the “Website manager” you’ll find the tools you need to manage your headers and footers. Now it’s so easy to assign a specific header and footer to a page, category, article or any other template in the Newspaper theme.

Starting with the 10.3 version, you can create & import multiple footers, customize, and easily assign them to the desired pages and templates. Access the new Website Manager and do magic!

Smart Google Fonts System

Newspaper Theme 10.3 gives you extended control over the fonts you’re using on the website. The new Google Fonts System is loading only Google fonts used in each page or Cloud Library templates. Now, you can stop worrying about fonts dragging down the performance.

To give you even more flexibility with fonts in Newspaper Theme, we’ve added the option to disable the default fonts (Open Sans and Roboto). Happy blogging!

Intuitive Option for Sticky Menu

Easily design your layout without the sticky menu getting in your way. Now, you have the option to disable the sticky menu, without deleting the content of the menu. Simply, turn off the menu from the Website Manager section and create a work of art right on the frontend. When you’re ready, enable the sticky menu. Be more creative and productive with Newspaper Theme!

10 New & Unique Professional Demos

We’re releasing new and awesome PRO demo designs for you to enjoy. Say Hello to the 10 New Pro Demos and build your beautiful WordPress site in minutes! Try the perfect combination of lightweight architecture, enhanced performance, and stunning flexibility. Get inspired and jump-start your project today!


View demo

The Beauty Pro Demo introduces a unique concept in Newspaper Theme with stronger visuals & gradients.

Black Version

View demo

The Black PRO Demo is ready to make your website unforgettable. Check out this modern, spectacular design in dark!

Classic Blog

View demo

The Classic Blog PRO is perfect for any blog, including family or personal blog. Enjoy the black and white!


View demo

Break the tech websites monotony with a new, stunning appearance. Get inspired by this vivid & dynamic design!


View demo

The Gossip PRO Demo is a modern & lifestyle design vibe. Create a stunning site that stands out from the crowd!


View demo

The Gourmet Pro Demo is delightful like a fresh recipe for a gourmet blog that promotes specialties. Yummy!


View demo

The Pulses PRO Demo is perfect for heavy-loaded content sites with neat asymmetrical columns & cool design.


View demo

The Sports PRO Demo emphasizes your content using large white spaces with touches of color & contrasts. Try it!


View demo

The Style PRO Demo is monochromatic website that skillfully combines black and white for an ideal balance.

The Critic

View demo

The Critic PRO Demo challenges your visitors’ imagination while creating a surprisingly addictive experience.

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Owner at Cultured Black Eyed Pearl

Newspaper is a complete out-of-the-box WordPress theme, and also gives you the ability to fine-tune your website if you need it.

Maikel van Wijk

Owner at Hip&Hot

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Full list of additions

  • new: Footer Manager System - Over 52 footer templates are now available as Cloud Template layouts. Click the Website Manager button and bring your awesome footer on any template
  • new: Footer Cloud Template or No footer layout can now be assigned individual per page or on Cloud Templates, just like headers
  • new: Assign a post Cloud Template for a chosen Category (in the Theme Panel)
  • new: Option to disable the default fonts used by the theme
  • new: Added Naver to social networks
  • new: Extra options for the Weather shortcode in the tagDiv Composer
  • new: Google Fonts System - the new system loads only the Google fonts used in each page or Cloud templates
  • new: Enable/Disable Sticky Menu option. Turn on/off the sticky menu from the Website Manager
  • fix: the Gutenberg style
  • fix: the Gutenberg URL attribute
  • fix: the Gallery CSS style
  • fix: the image Lightbox Effect on the Infinite Loading posts
  • fix: the Blend Modes on the Flex blocks
  • fix: Unique Articles
  • fix: the DateTime meta now uses the timezone
  • fix: the WPML for the single template (without it the WPML resets the selected template)
  • fix: Ajax search link on the AMP
  • fix: Allowing shortcodes in the Single content
  • fix: The Infinite Loading Google Search Console issue
  • fix: schema.org on the preview
  • misc: Removed subsets from the Google Fonts (deprecated)
  • misc: Removed DateTime attribute from the date