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We’re living in unusual times, when keeping the social distance is the only way to protect the ones we love. In just a few weeks, our lives have changed, and the need for information and news is more important than ever. This Newspaper Theme update includes a series of features and improvements designed to help you adapt to the shift in expectations generated by the current situation.

Newspaper theme 10.3.2 version brings you three new Covid-19 pandemic PRO demos, new capabilities to display the latest corona virus pandemic stats, new ways to monetize your content, new powerful tools for videos news, and many more. Scroll down to find more about all these excellent new features!

So, what’s new in Newspaper 10.3.2

New Covid-19 Statistics Shortcodes

Keep your readers informed about the Covid-19 pandemic. We created two new statistics shortcodes for the tagDiv Composer page builder. The Statistics Table and Statistics Counter New Shortcodes automatically bring data from Novel COVID API. The shortcodes automatically pull the Coronavirus pandemic official data to populate the fields.

Newspaper theme Covid19 Statistics Demo

Significantly reduce the time you spend designing your website so that you get more time for creating wonderful & engaging content. Click. Import. Customize. Shape. Go live. Yes! Web designing with Newspaper Theme is that fast!

Video powered websites

Easily create a great user experience for your users with Newspaper Theme. Highlight your video content in an engaging Modal Video Popup with Ads. To help you spread essential news faster, in the Newspaper Theme, your audience can now watch your vlogs or posted article videos just by clicking on the featured video thumbnail.

These videos can run straight from the page. Experiment with your content!

Time highlights on videos

In the Newspaper theme, all the videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Self-Hosted URLs are now displaying the Video Duration Time. Grab your audience’s attention with stunning content and keep them engaged on your website. It’s so easy!

Floating Videos on articles

Give your awesome videos the engagement they deserve! Keep your visitors watching while scrolling down your article. With the new Sticky Video Player, your videos stay on screen, playing while the visitor is wandering through the page. Discover this feature and significantly increase the time-on-page and other engagement metrics on your website. Be more creative and productive with Newspaper Theme!

The new definition of flexibility

Yes! Newspaper Theme Flex Blocks are more versatile, and we are delighted to give the new, more powerful version. We’ve added special filters that make you a skillful web designer using fewer components on articles and pages.

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to inspire your visitors by displaying the content from a category on a single post in a truly meaningful way. Filter it by awesome criteria as “Most Commented,” “Last Updated Content,” “Popular (last seven days),” “Highest Rated,” and more! Easily combine your content to stun your audience. It’s simple and versatile, just as you requested!

Happy blogging!

Automatic updates ON

Updating the Newspaper Theme has never been so easy. Starting with Newspaper Theme 10.3.2, you can install the newest version with a single click, directly from the Theme Panel. The system downloads the latest release from the tagDiv servers and automatically updates the theme’ files and the native plugins. This way, you can focus on creating amazing content.

The Newspaper theme also creates a backup for the Theme Panel settings every time you click the Save button so that you can upgrade or downgrade your WordPress Theme.

WordPress 5.4 ready!

WordPress 5.4 has just been launched. As this is the first major release of the year that brings significant improvements, we’ve followed the development step-by-step and made the adjustments.

You can now update your CSM as Newspaper Theme 10.3.2 version is fully compatible and works smoothly with WordPress 5.4. Take it for a ride!

6 New & Unique Professional Demos

We’re releasing new and awesome PRO demo designs for you to enjoy. Say Hello to the 10 New Pro Demos and build your beautiful WordPress site in minutes! Try the perfect combination of lightweight architecture, enhanced performance, and stunning flexibility. Get inspired and jump-start your project today!

Covid-19 Stats PRO

View demo

Covid-19 Stats PRO Demo is designed for dynamic sites. Explore a bright yellow design & give hope to the people!

COV-19 Italy Report

View demo

Cov-19 Italy Report PRO Demo is a fresh design that makes your site feel up-to-date. Try out this modern design!

Pandemic PRO

View demo

Pandemic PRO Demo is a classical newspaper and news publishing design. Check out the beautiful design!

Royal Pub PRO

View demo

Break the monotony with a vintage look. Get inspired by the lovely vibrant hues of the Royal Pub PRO Demo!


View demo

The Zodiac PRO Demo is a minimal yet cozy design for personal blogs. Make your website a work of art!

Baby PRO

View demo

The Baby PRO Demo is the visual expression of beautiful emotions. Try a design to make your site irresistible!

Estate PRO

View demo

Impress your audience with a professional and reliable business site. Discover the Estate PRO Demo!

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Full list of additions

  • new: 6 New one-click installable PRO Demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer page builder:
  • new: Pandemic PRO
  • new: Cov-19 News PRO
  • new: Covid-Stats PRO
  • new: Estates PRO
  • new: Baby PRO
  • new: Royal Pub PRO
  • new: Zodiac PRO
  • new: WordPress 5.4 compatibility - Newspaper Theme now works smoothly with the latest version of WordPress CMS;
  • new: 2 Stats shortcodes - Perfect to display Covid-19 Statistics on your website;
  • new: Modal Video Popup with Ads Support - Easily create a great user experience for your visitors with Newspaper Theme.
  • new: Sticky Video Player on the articles - Your videos stay on screen, playing when the audience is scrolling down the page;
  • new: YouTube Embed shortcode - Easily add a YouTube video in any page or tagDiv Cloud template with this dedicated shortcode;
  • new: SVG support for the icon shortcode - You Icon Shortcode in the tagDiv Composer now supports custom SVG files;
  • new: Video Duration Time on the Newspaper Theme modules for video articles;
  • new: Special filtering options for the Flex Block shortcodes - The Flex blocks help you filter the content in blocks and to display it sorted by awesome criteria as "Most Commented," "Last Updated Content", "Popular (last seven days)", "Highest Rated" and more. Easily combine your content to stun your audience. It’s simple and versatile, just as you requested!;
  • new: Single External Shortcode - Safely embed external shortcodes in a single template using tagDiv Composer to expand your website;
  • improvement: The Mobile Menu height wrap is now based on CSS, so no JavaScript is needed;
  • improvement: Single modified date have time ago option + other options;
  • fix: iPhone 1px background off CSS issue
  • fix: Inline ads issue;
  • fix: Missing Mix icon;
  • fix: Empty value for 1 column on Subcategories shortcode;
  • fix: Dropcap styles on the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Closing the website manager on the Firefox browser.
  • fix: No automatic notification after installing a demo on version 10.3.1 starting on March 29, 2020. Please use the manual update.