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We’re delighted to announce to you that Newspaper 11 is Live! Brand new functionality is ready for you. This Newspaper theme version brings us even closer to our ultimate goal - creating excellent and successful websites. It also makes Newspaper the first news theme truly oriented toward generating revenue for you. We approached your challenge and solved it with an integrated solution. Newspaper 11 gives a way to rank your website higher and efficiently monetize your website by adding a shop that converts visitors to customers. Are you ready to take your site to the next level?

So, what’s new in Newspaper 11

tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool for Performance Boost

Get the best results for your website and increase performance. We've made a general theme revision for Core Web Vitals to improve your website's performance, accessibility, and SEO efforts. We've also enhanced the tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool to do all the heavy lifting for you.

The performance optimizer tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool removes all the unnecessary CSS, generates the Critical CSS for the above the fold, and moves the non-critical CSS to the bottom of the page. Starting with Newspaper 11, the tagDiv CSS Analyzer Tool also allows you to instantly hit a button and generates the critical and non-critical CSS for your imported Cloud Library templates. All these automatic processes make your page load faster, helping your website rank better.

WooCommerce Superpowers for Your Online Store

We know the competition in your industry is tough and managing content while generating revenue is difficult. So we’ve added new functionality that allows you to stand out and become successful. We’ve crafted a dedicated plugin that brings you all the eCommerce functionality you would ever need to run an online store. tagDiv Shop plugin delivers incredible enhancements for the WooCommerce functionality. Experiment with your content! It’s easy and fun!

Flexible WooCommerce Shortcodes

Newspaper theme brings you new superpowers for WooCommerce with over 27 new drag and drop elements for online stores. Selling online with your eCommerce website has never been faster, easier, and more scalable.

To make everything easy to use and intuitive, we’ve created specialized WooCommerce elements and divided them in three major sections - specific for the template, common between templates, and Block shortcodes.

All of them automatically display the content you've already added with the WooCommerce plugin in an awesome and highly engaging way. Explore the true capabilities of your website!

Creative and Converting Product Page Layouts

Selling products online is easier than ever! The Newspaper theme brings you 13 stunning elements to help you design your product page just as you’ve always dreamt. Woo Product Image, Price, Attributes, Description, Categories, Tags, Tabs, SKU, Add to cart, Reviews, Rating, Notices - drag & drop and customize everything to perfection.

Whatever you are planning to sell - ebooks, makeup, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, drones, subscription boxes, clothes, dog bowls, services, software solutions, and everything in between - we’ve got you covered!

Engaging Product Archive Templates

We know how stressful it is to create a good-looking product category page. You know, the one that's easy to understand and navigate, not the one that reminds you of a too decorated Christmas tree. With Newspaper 11, we took the design stress out of your product category pages.

Think of the Woo Archive Template as a general WooCommerce template that applies the same amazing layout for every filtering page. You can import it and use it on categories, taxonomies, tags, brands, and so on. It saves you the time you can use to create more awesome content for your audience and grow your website even more.

Enjoy 8+ beautifully archive templates created with love by our designers!

Advanced Product Filtering System

Give your new customers the best user experience! You now have an advanced product filtering system that helps you increase sales by displaying the right products customized to each user's preferences. Add the legendary flexibility of the Newspaper theme, and building an eCommerce website becomes a success.

Elegant Product Search Layouts

For your customers, finding the right product when searching is a good experience. However, for you, as a shop owner, it’s an essential WooCommerce tool for a successful store. We’ve created the components granular so you can generate the right connection between the elements.

Think of the Search Template as a search engine solution included in your online shop. By matching your visitors’ search terms with the products on-site, you’re ensuring a great UX, increased sales numbers, and returning customers.

To make everything easier, we’ve also created 8 stunning Woo Search Templates you can import with a single click and start selling your items.

Selling Shop Based Pages

What's a Woo Shop Base Page? Well, it's that page where all your products are listed. Think of it as the inspiration for undecided visitors and an excellent opportunity to convert them.

We've created 8 modern Woo Shop Base templates, and you can quickly arrange your products with a simple yet elegant and user-friendly design. Customize this page by dragging and dropping elements and make it just as fancy as your audience is!

New Stunning & Free Prebuilt Websites

Discover 9 Prebuilt website designs and create your beautiful WordPress site in minutes! Try the perfect combination of lightweight architecture, enhanced performance, and stunning flexibility for you eShop. Jump-start your project today!


View Prebuilt Website

Apocryph is a full prebuilt website introducing an art house site concept for selling paintings and art items.

Kids' Store

View Prebuilt Website

Kids Store is a premade fashion eShop demo design, built to ensure a smooth experience for online shoppers.

Gadgets Blog

View Prebuilt Website

Gadgets Blog is a unique prebuilt shop demo that combines product reviews and the art of selling tech goods.

Watches Store

View Prebuilt Website

Watches Store is a prebuilt site with a styled color baseline and minimal areas to outline exquisite pieces of fashion.


View Prebuilt Website

Newspaper Audio Shop prebuilt demo design is a visually appealing studio site for showcasing any audio-related goods.

Vintage Choppers

View Prebuilt Website

Vintage Choppers demo is a unique and one-of-a-kind pre-built demo for an online motorcycle shop.


View Prebuilt Website

Makeup Shop is a prebuilt demo with fancy visuals, that can suit any fashion, maquillage or beauty product store.


View Prebuilt Website

Newspaper Vaness is a delicious presentation full design for any online sweets-related store.

Art Blog

View Prebuilt Website

Art Blog is a fully designed demo for your new artistic website, with stunning blocks, hover colors, and typography.

& More to come...

View Prebuilt Websites

We're constantly expanding our gallery of Prebuilt Websites, so keep a lookout on our virtual library!

Your satisfaction is our main priority

Finding the Newspaper theme was THE greatest thing we ever did! It incorporates everything we ever hoped to see for our site. Our experience using Newspaper has been nothing but great!

Viktoria Krusenvald

Co-founder & Editor in Chief at Zerxza

Newspaper by tagDiv is a well-constructed theme following web design standards and best practices and provides all the necessary tools to create and maintain a website with high-standards.

George Konstantakopoulos

Web developer at INDEVIN Creative Agency

Newspaper theme helped us create and customize something truly special for our readers. The visual brilliance, ease of use, and speed have all made managing this site an absolute pleasure!

Nancy Jobes

Content Manager at Astrovibe

As always, our updates are FREE for clients. Enjoy!

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Full list of additions

  • new: tagDiv Shop plugin - Activate news superpowers for eCommerce and awesome enhancements for the WooCommerce functionality;
  • new: 27+ new WooCommerce shortcodes - Drag, drop, and combine elements for online stores straight on the frontend of your site;
  • new: 4 new Cloud Template types of layouts - Explore tagDiv Cloud Library - to find the new beautiful designs for Woo Archive, Woo Product, Woo Search, Woo Shop Base website layouts;
  • new: 8 New one-click instalable SHOP Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer;
  • new: Shop Kids Store View Demo;
  • new: Shop Audio View Demo;
  • new: Shop Watches Store View Demo;
  • new: Shop Vintage Choppers Store View Demo;
  • new: Shop Makeup View Demo;
  • new: Shop Apocryph View Demo;
  • new: Shop Vaness View Demo;
  • new: Shop Blog Gadgets View Demo;
  • new: Art Blog View Demo;
  • new: tagDiv CSS Analyzer - Get the best results for your website and increase the performance. Pass the Core Web Vitals and improve your website’s performance, accessibility, and SEO efforts.
  • new: ON/OFF option for pagination on the MegaMenu;
  • new: Option to disable the live search function on the ‘Header Live Search’ shortcode;
  • new: Option in the Theme Panel >Template Settings section to disable the ‘To Top’ button;
  • new: Option in the Theme Panel >Template Settings section to choose the Page Layout Size for Default Page templates;
  • new: Option to Align/Space the review stars on the blocks;
  • new: Instagram Connect System in the Theme Panel>Social Networks section for personal or business Instagram accounts;
  • improvement: tagDiv Composer performance;
  • improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: Theme performance on the memory allocation;
  • improvement: Updated title_tag options on multiple blocks;
  • improvement: Option to Disable Pagination on the Mega menu for the Header main menu block;
  • improvement: tagDiv Newsletter duplicated queries;
  • improvement: LazyLoad on the Single Image shortcode;
  • fix: TikTok Social Counter;
  • fix: Favicon on Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Background color/image Theme Panel settings for the boxed version of the theme;
  • fix: Dropdown mega menu with subcategories on mobile menu;
  • fix: Ajax Category Dropdown option in combination with the Infinite Load function on blocks;
  • fix: CSS fix - Image Caption on Mobile Theme & AMP;
  • fix: Homepage Post shortcode;
  • fix: Some characters like "]" that break shortcodes structure;
  • fix: Twitter URL - author socials;
  • fix: Font Awesome loading issue;
  • fix: Autosave backup for the Theme Panel settings;
  • fix: Theme Panel settings to turn ON/OFF display ads on different devices;
  • fix: Image thumbnail for Vimeo videos;
  • fix: Captions from Image Gallery appear in the excerpt;
  • fix: Stripe issue;
  • fix: Ad Inserter plugin compatibility;
  • fix: Yoast Premium plugin issue;
  • fix: Prevent sending XSS injection in block attribute - courtesy to Truoc Phan of Techlab Corporation;
  • fix: Exceeded storage error;
  • fix: Home Decor demo import without content;
  • fix: Automatic update for tagDiv plugins when the child theme is active.