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Say hello to Newspaper 11.2, the beautiful follow-on update for the version 11.0, which keeps our promise to help you build and design successful websites with ease using WordPress and Newspaper Theme. We're delighted to announce to you that Newspaper has new capabilities that make it the first news theme truly oriented toward generating revenue for you. Discover the features that allow you to convert and monetize your website traffic!

So, what’s new in Newspaper 11.2

Build successful online websites

Generate leads and increase conversion rates with tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin

Easily grow your email list, get more subscribers, generate more leads and increase sales. tagDiv Opt-In Builder is a powerful lead generation tool for journalists, bloggers, marketing agencies, eCommerce websites, and small businesses.

The tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin helps you easily create converting content lockers, targeted subscribing lists (membership) and gives your visitors a compelling reason to enter their email address (opt-in) to unlock your content. Create as many content lockers as you need, associate lists, and export users' emails to support your marketing goals.

Design visually stunning content lockers

With Newspaper Theme and tagDiv Opt-In Builder, you don't need to buy expensive additional plugins to get started. Easily activate the plugin and transform your website traffic into subscribers, leads, and sales. The Newspaper theme brings you the capabilities to lock your content on articles and grow your email list.

All the style options are included in the create new locker section. Change the messages, typography, colors and see the results instantly. You can also design a special Call to Action or an "Exclusive Only" badge and attract more visitors to convert.

Explore the new filtering option that allows you to display the content on a specific element by combining existing filters with the "Exclusive" one. Discover the true capabilities of your website!

Power up your Marketing: Emails and Lists

Create as many content lockers as you need, associate highly-targeted lists, and export users' emails to support your ambitious marketing goals.

Whether you're a journalist & blogger trying to increase engagement retargeting with new content, a small business aiming for more leads, a WooComerce eShop trying to decrease cart abandonment rate, or a digital agency keeping your prospects close, tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin is the right way to achieve your goals.

The lists are neatly organized, making the management easy, while all the collected data can be segmented and downloaded in .csv file format, ready to be uploaded in your favorite email marketing tool. Dream big. We've got you covered!

New Leads, More Leads, a single shortcode

We know that collecting leads is essential for your business and that sometimes collecting them is a challenge. We've created the right solution. With Leads Shortcode in the tagDiv Composer page builder, you can easily design a form that collects emails and place it on your website where you like it.

Assign a list and start gathering the leads. You can test for variations and locations to find the right sweet spot for your audience. Grow your customer database without any additional cost. It's a beautiful way to move from idea to action!

Beautiful Lead
Capture Forms

Full Article
Level Locker

Badge for
locked content

Sort Options for
Locked Content

New Stunning & Free Prebuilt Websites

Discover beautiful Prebuilt Website designs and create your stunning WordPress site in minutes! Try the perfect combination of lightweight architecture, enhanced performance, and wonderful flexibility. Jump-start your project today!

All About Parenting

#exclusivebadge #subscription #wide

All About Parenting is a warm and fresh, family-friendly design that incorporates the most essential tools for crafting an extraordinary website. It features subscription boxes & content lockers in an elegant and engaging site with a community vibe. Start your project today!

Revenant Educational Platform

#dark #videobackground #contentlocker #testimonials

Revenant is an elegant, dark prebuilt website for educational platforms. It's perfect to introduce exclusive for subscribers only content. Designed with care, Revenant Prebuilt website combines bold colors with a lovely simplicity. Install it free on your website!

CryptoNews Magazine

#crypto #lists #flexblocks #contentlocker

The CryptoNews Magazine prebuilt website is uniquely delightful. The dominating colors are airy dark grey with green accents and white. It combines large negative spaces with rounded blocks, badges, minimal sidebars and content available for subscribers only, making this perfect for a modern magazine. Install it free and enjoy your website!

Your satisfaction is our main priority

Finding the Newspaper theme was THE greatest thing we ever did! It incorporates everything we ever hoped to see for our site. Our experience using Newspaper has been nothing but great!

Viktoria Krusenvald

Co-founder & Editor in Chief at Zerxza

Newspaper by tagDiv is a well-constructed theme following web design standards and best practices and provides all the necessary tools to create and maintain a website with high-standards.

George Konstantakopoulos

Web developer at INDEVIN Creative Agency

Newspaper theme helped us create and customize something truly special for our readers. The visual brilliance, ease of use, and speed have all made managing this site an absolute pleasure!

Nancy Jobes

Content Manager at Astrovibe

As always, our updates are FREE for clients. Enjoy!

Not a customer yet? Start today, and you'll understand why so many awesome people love Newspaper Theme.

Full list of additions

  • new: tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin - Grow your emailing list and generate leads. tagDiv Opt-In Builder helps you easily create content lockers, subscribing lists and gives your visitors a compelling reason to enter their email address (opt-in) to unlock your content;
  • new: Leads shortcode - You can easily design a form that collects emails. The new shortcode in the tagDiv Composer page builder helps you in marketing efforts;
  • new: Post content locker - Newspaper Theme can now lock the content of an article and allow users to view content based on an email subscription;
  • new: 3 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer frontend page builder;
  • new: Revenant - View Demo ;
  • new: CryptoNews - View Demo ;
  • new: All About Parenting - View Demo ;
  • new: Option to display the "Exclusive" badge on blocks to mark the locked articles;
  • new: Filter option added on blocks to display the Locked articles - 'Show exclusive posts only.' It works as standalone or in combination with other filtering options existing on the content blocks;
  • new: Added Author on module 1 in the Mobile Theme plugin;
  • fix: CSS Analyzer with the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Revolution Slider compatibility;
  • fix: Fix item scope issue for default post;
  • fix: Remove JS block editor for mobile, on widgets.php section.