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We’re thrilled to announce to you that Newspaper 11.4 is Live! Awesome new functionality is ready for you. This Newspaper theme version comes with all the tools you need to achieve your ultimate goal - creating successful websites.
Are you ready to take your site to the next level?

So, what’s new in Newspaper 11.4

Paywall and Membership Management Solution

Generate revenue with your engaging content! tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin gives you new capabilities to easily convert and monetize your website traffic, all in an excellent tool to grow your online business. Easily create memberships for news & content related websites, downloading software, online services, courses, video tutorials, or member directories with just a few clicks.

Newpaper Theme What's New Version 11.4

tagDiv Opt-In Builder has all the tools you need: Unlimited Plans, Lists, Content Lockers, Payments integration, Tracking, subscriptions Management and more. Add the legendary flexibility of the Newspaper theme, and building a successful website becomes easy. Try it today!

Designed for digital entrepreneurs

Content creators

Journalists, Bloggers, Marketing Agencies, Educational trainers, and more. You are all welcome to the party. Easily lock your content and power up your site. It's time to start getting paid for your excellent content!

Creative Startups

Startups, small businesses, NGO, organizations, and more. Your growing community is ready to become more. Create members-only product discounts, premium access, get donations and sponsorships for your ideas!

Service Subscription

eCommerce digital & non-digital goods businesses and entrepreneurs. Creating recurring buyers and keeping them engaged is now a few clicks away. Easily offer product subscriptions or members-only product discounts!

App & soft business

Free trial for a few days, or paid trial for a month? Offer products, apps, or services. Create special incentives for your clients to test your products without requiring them to commit to the full price before they love your digital solution.

More awesome features

More than colors. Go Global!

Speed up your workflow with Newspaper Theme. Be more efficient than ever. We’ve just added Global Colors Options to define the color you want to use in the design process. The custom color will appear in your tagDiv Composer block’ settings under the Color Picker. Friendly, easy to find and use. Just the way you love it!

Create and choose global colors. The Newspaper Theme will dynamically apply these colors on pages/templates. You can also create custom colors and find them in the elements settings panel to help you design everything.

Even more, if you want to change colors all over your site, there’s no need to change all your tagDiv Cloud Templates individually. It’s easy to access the Website Manager and modify everything from a single place. Try it now!

One shortcode: Unlimited Pop-Ups

Create new and engaging interactions on your website! Newspaper theme features a unique shortcode that allows you to add custom content in a modal window to give visitors reasons to click on your website.

It’s perfect for Fly-out menus, pop-up ads, registration forms, marketing tools, membership login, and everything in between

Google reChaptcha v3

Reduce spam comments and detect abusive traffic on your website. Instead of showing a CAPTCHA challenge, reCAPTCHA v3 is an invisible security measure introduced by Google.

It adds protection to your website contact forms without forcing the user to jump through a series of Turing tests to verify they’re human as it returns a score, and you can choose the most appropriate action for your site.

The new version is included in the Newspaper Theme 11.4 to make it easy to keep your website safe. Update your theme and let's rock and roll!

Newspaper 11.4 Update: Google reCaptcha v3 official logo

New Stunning & Free Prebuilt Websites

Discover seven new Prebuilt Website designs and create your beautiful WordPress site in minutes! Try the perfect combination of lightweight architecture, enhanced performance, and stunning flexibility for your membership site. Jump-start your project today!

Rue Bailand

Rue Bailand is an artistic pre-built membership design that combines beauty and art with handcrafted typography.


Metropolitan pre-built website is designed to give your site an elegant look while ensuring a smooth experience for your visitors and subscribers.


Aramis is a unique prebuilt an a real asset for local newspapers with large communities and membership database.

Living Magazine

With a patterned background, large negative spaces, and asymmetric blocks, Living Magazine is a complete toolkit for online portals.

News Week

The sleek News Week design can suit any type of content-full magazine and community-based newspaper website.


Newspaper Publication PRO bring you a clean structure with well-organized elements for building strong membership news paper sites.

The Rimont

The Rimont is a unique pre-built website that combines classic newspaper layout with elegant fonts and plenty of negative space.

& More to come...

We're constantly expanding our gallery of Prebuilt Websites, so keep a lookout on our virtual library!

Your satisfaction is our main priority

Finding the Newspaper theme was THE greatest thing we ever did! It incorporates everything we ever hoped to see for our site. Our experience using Newspaper has been nothing but great!

Viktoria Krusenvald

Co-founder & Editor in Chief at Zerxza

Newspaper by tagDiv is a well-constructed theme following web design standards and best practices and provides all the necessary tools to create and maintain a website with high-standards.

George Konstantakopoulos

Web developer at INDEVIN Creative Agency

Newspaper theme helped us create and customize something truly special for our readers. The visual brilliance, ease of use, and speed have all made managing this site an absolute pleasure!

Nancy Jobes

Content Manager at Astrovibe

As always, our updates are FREE for clients. Enjoy!

Not a customer yet? Start today, and you'll understand why so many awesome people love Newspaper Theme.

Full list of additions

  • new: 7 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites created with the tagDiv Cloud Library, tagDiv Composer page builder, and tagDiv Opt-in Builder membership plugin:
  • new: The Rimont - View Demo;
  • new: Metropolitan - View Demo;
  • new: Living PRO - View Demo;
  • new: Week PRO - View Demo;
  • new: Publication PRO - View Demo;
  • new: Rue Bailand - View Demo;
  • new: Aramis - View Demo;
  • new: Added new features in the tagDiv Opt-in Builder, such as Paywall System, Membership Subscriptions, Unlimited Plans, PayPal Payment;
  • new: 7 new shortcodes for tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin, ready to use with the tagDiv Composer frontend page builder;
  • new: 2 new shortcodes for the tagDiv Opt-in Builder plugin ready to use with the Gutenberg editor;
  • new: Added the ‘Social Share’ shortcode to use on the page;
  • new: Added ‘Google reCaptcha v3’ on the Login/Register modal;
  • new: Added Date - Current Date filter on the ‘Flex Block’ element;
  • new: Added ‘Global Colors’ in the Website Manager panel;
  • New: Added the Modal Popup shortcode in tagDiv Composer;
  • improvement: Compatibility between the tagDiv Shop and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins;
  • improvement: Added ‘Sorting Options’ for the last popular 24-48 hours posts;
  • improvement: Install the Required Plugins when a pre-built website (demo) is installed;
  • improvement: Added the ‘Limit Authors’ option on the Authors Box shortcode;
  • improvement: Added ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Controls Options’ on the Single Featured Image;
  • improvement: Added an option to show ‘Leave a Reply’ form above the comments on the Single Post Comments shortcode;
  • improvement: Added ‘Duplicate’ option on pages;
  • fix: Modified date on the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Wp-admin no templates dropdown on 404 page;
  • fix: Updated the API URL for the COVID-related shortcodes;
  • fix: The Unique Articles option doesn't work on the Mobile Page template;
  • fix: Dailymotion Get/Set Featured Image issue;
  • fix: Display the page builder templates only when the Standard Pack plugin is active;
  • fix: jQuery shorthand deprecation warnings;
  • fix: Hide sidebar option on a post when a tagDiv Cloud Template is set;
  • fix: Set the full size of an image for the AMP Image Size (Google requirements);
  • fix: Update plugins on server;
  • fix: Bug Article Inline Ad on Single Post Content shortcode;
  • fix: Add/Remove post notice for Video Standard post style format;
  • fix: Caption Over Image on the featured image;