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RemotePass Launches Debit Card Service For Digital Nomads

The new service will enable remote workers with an active RemotePass contract to receive instant payments.



remotepass launches debit card service for digital nomads

The leading remote work platform, RemotePass, has launched a physical debit card for remote workers in emerging markets. The new service allows digital nomads with an active RemotePass contract to receive instant payments with zero fees, avoiding high SWIFT charges and the lengthy wait times typically associated with international transfers.

The new card service will allow users to hold funds in USD and can be used both online and offline globally, wherever Mastercard is accepted. The card forms part of the RemotePass Super App. It enables users to manage their contracts, subscribe to premium health insurance plans, track expenses, and access physical and virtual payroll cards for instant payment.

remotepass new debit card service

The new product offering is in line with the UAE government’s vision of attracting global talent and establishing the country as a leading hub for remote work. Through its Employer of Record services, RemotePass handles the entire relocation, visa, and insurance process for foreign companies seeking to hire and/or relocate employees or contractors in the UAE.

The UAE has become a sought-after destination for cross-border remote hiring, with companies from the US, the UK, and Saudi Arabia benefiting from access to a vast pool of highly skilled job seekers seeking full-time remote work. In addition, the UAE introduced a digital nomad visa in March 2021, allowing expatriates to reside in the country while working for their employers in their home country.

To get started with the new service, RemotePass users simply need to upload documents via the app for verification and then request a card. Once an application has been approved — usually within 48 hours — users will have complete control of their card through the mobile app, enabling them to freeze, terminate, view, and manage transactions. The RemotePass card uses 3-D Secure, which provides additional authentication for online transactions. For offline use, cardholders are required to enter their PIN for extra security.

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“Our physical card is just one of the many ways we’re helping remote workers get the financial freedom they need to thrive. We are working with different partners to bring more localized financial services and benefits such as a reward program, advance pay and pension plans,” says Kamal Reggad, co-founder & CEO of RemotePass.

A global survey conducted by Prudential found that 42% of remote workers would consider seeking new employment if their current employer removed work-from-home options. Meanwhile, FlexJobs reported a 105% rise in searches for “remote, part-time jobs” last year, proving the need for an efficient means of receiving cross-border funds.


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UAE’s du Teams With Huawei For Net-Zero Telecom Services

The telecommunications company aims to promote sustainable development across the region.



uae's du teams with huawei for net-zero telecom services

du, one of the UAE’s major telecom providers, is boosting its efforts to help the Emirate towards a low-carbon future. The company aims to upgrade its diesel generator sites in remote communities and has ambitious plans to achieve net zero in collaboration with Chinese tech giant Huawei.

The primary goal for du is to reduce reliance on diesel generators, which in turn will cut down on maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption. Over 300 remote sites will be upgraded to advanced hybrid power solutions, lowering the company’s carbon footprint while improving efficiency and network coverage. Huawei’s hybrid generators include state-of-the-art lithium batteries and will reduce carbon emissions by over 10,000 tons – the equivalent of planting 500,000 trees per year.

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“This initiative not only lowers our carbon footprint but also ensures the delivery of more eco-friendly and sustainable services to communities in even the most remote desert regions,” explained Saleem AlBlooshi, chief technology officer at du. “Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility reflects our determination to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for all”.

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