Copy – Paste the Style of your elements in Newspaper 9.1

When building and designing a new page, creating multiple elements with the same aspect may prove tedious. The Newspaper Theme v 9.1 helps you reduce the development time by cloning the appearance of a section with the brand new Copy and Paste Style features. It improves your workflow and gives you more time to focus on creating the content for your website.

Copy Style And Paste Style For Image Boxes

What are Copy Style and Paste Style Features?

The new update of the Newspaper Theme brings a new and intuitive functionality. With the tagDiv Composer open, right click on any element on a page, and you should notice a string of new commands show up. Together with them are the Copy Style and Paste Style features.

The role of these two new options is to transfer the styling of a section to another in the blink of an eye. Hence, if you have a two, three, maybe even four buttons on a page, you can design one, copy the look and apply it to the others. It works with all elements of the same type, for example, two Posts Loops, Flex Blocks 1, Author boxes, and so on. Consequently, the title’s color gradient, the colors, the text formatting, the padding, margins, borders are all going to be copied to the other element you choose.

Why use Copy Style and Paste Style features?

There are many reasons to use these brand new functions, so why not give it a test and try them out:

  • Having multiple elements that need a uniform look has never been easier! Reduce the time spent on designing with the new menu pop-up menu.
  • No need to write down the padding, the text formatting, the hex number for colors that you’ve used on the same element to multiply it. The Copy Style feature does it for you!
  • If you open different pages in different tabs, you can still transfer an element’s properties from one of the pages to the other. However, it has to be on the same domain, so if you have two sites using Newspaper, you can’t transfer the styling in-between the two for the same elements.
  • Create different looks for each device in a more natural way with the new Copy Style and Paste Style features.

More in-depth

Update the Newspaper Theme to the 9.1 version so you can benefit from this feature (alongside many others in the Right-Click Menu). Now, open the tagDiv Composer on a blank page. Add a row and split it into 3 columns. Drag and drop an Author Box element and a button. Now customize your Author Box and make it appealing.

What about making the Author Photo bigger? Maybe change the photo radius, too. You can give the text a different color, modify the size, line-height, tracking, and font-family, too. If you make a mistake, use the undo button to go back to the previous design. Before you move on to do the same to the next two author boxes, right click on the altered one. Choose the Copy Style option. Now, open the menu on the non-modified author box and this time click Paste Style. That just transferred your adjustments, didn’t it? Awesome!

For the buttons, how about you give each button a URL, icon, and text? Now, start designing the first one. Button style, colors, gradients, hover colors, text formatting, create it the way you like. Done? Great! Right-click the newly adjusted element and select Copy Style option. Move your cursor to the second button and choose Paste Style. It’s that easy!

Results and opinions

Try these two new features right now! Remember, you can use them in-between tabs, too, as long as the pages are on the same domain. Now, it’s easy to maintain a consistent aspect for multiple elements with these impressive right-click features.

Test it out with the Newspaper Theme, and tell us how much time you’ve saved ⏳  by designing multiple sections in a row!


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